Paxil and Suicide

What is going on these days in the courts with antidepressants?  Well it was just reported that a 51 year old man who by the ay was a father and a teacher/basketball coach committed suicide back in 2009 and his family went to court with that issue.  They were awarded $1.5 million and that my friends was a landmark malpractice case.  Winning this case highlights the incredible dangers that go along with antidepressant drugs.  This story broke in the Post Standard that the Supreme Court jury in New York recently found that this gentleman had been improperly and negligently prescribed a deadly combination of the antidepressant drug Paxil and the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa by his physician and that in turn triggered a rapid mental downfall that led to him committing suicide. Many of these cases can be stopped by just contacting drug rehab websites or facilities.

The story goes like this; this gentleman was on Paxil for over ten years at the order of his Doctor.  Names are being withheld to protect the innocent.  It is now know that this doctor had never once met in person this gentleman during all that time to assess him and see how the drug was affecting his mental health.  The doctor would just fill the gentleman’s prescription from time to time over the phone when the gentleman would request them.  When he would run out of pills he would just call this doctor and the doctor would fill them from afar without any sort of evaluation or patient visit and that my friends is unethical.

In August 2009 the gentleman called the doctor to say he was feeling anxious and depressed again even though he was keeping his meds up.  The doctor was vacationing at the time so he didn’t bring the gentleman in for an evaluation so he could assess what was going on he just called in a prescription and doubled the dosage to 40 milligrams and also gave him an additional antipsychotic drug Zyprexa.  He did this all over the phone.  So what happens next?  In less than one month this cheerful, warm and well loved man was found dead in his garage by his wife.

So we all know what was negligent in this case.  The medical expert for the gentleman’s family stated, “After reviewing extensive records and interviewing the gentleman’s wife, I concluded that the doctor was negligent I reportedly prescribing Paxil for 10 years without seeing the patient, in failing to warm the patient and his wife about the serious risks associated with Paxil, in his doubling the Paxil dose and adding Zyprexa by telephone, and then in abandoning the patent during his decline.”  So the jury agreed and assigned full blame to the doctor.  It seems that this doctor was also charged by the New York state health department for negligently prescribing dangerous psychiatric drugs to many of his other patients as well.  He was also disciplined for personally abusing drugs and alcohol.

So in this case the doctor was wrong in many ways.  Beware of any doctor who just calls in a prescription for you.  You to see your doctor so he can assess any and all clues in your behavior and your body as to what is wrong with you.  Get proper help if you are depressed.

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