Lewisville Drug Rehabs

Lewisville Drug Rehabs

Lewisville is a city in Denton County, Texas.  According to the 2010 census the population is 95,290.  It is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the US in terms of population.  Lewisville is a major hub of the Northern Golf Corridor of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro and it is sometimes referred to as the “golf Mecca” of the area.  There are many courses and facilities located in the city and many professional golfers come to this city each year.  The median income for a household in Lewisville is $54,771 and the per capita income for the city is $24,703.  About 8.7% of the population lives below poverty line.  Lewisville does have a drug problem and there is a need for Lewisville drug rehabs.

In March of 2012, there were arrests in Southern Lewisville that stemmed from two groups of people having a disagreement about what was for sale.  One group had answered an ad on Craig’s List for a cell phone and a laptop for sale.  When they got to the home to look at the objects they were not available anymore so they were presented with the option of buying drugs.  Bottom line the two groups got into a fight and injured each other and got all their stories crossed.  Drug rehab is needed in Lewisville.  Police were called to the scene did a search of the premises and they turned up several baggies of methamphetamine powder in a backyard BBQ grill.  They also found 46 syringes.  Two from the groups had injuries and went to the hospital.  Drugs have caused a real scene in Lewisville.  Get help finding Lewisville Drug rehabs.  Something can be done about it.

Whether you need assistance finding Texas drug rehab programs, an outpatient clinic, a Lewisvilledrug rehab, a Frisco drug rehab, or one in another Texas city — we’re here to help.

Lewisville Drug Rehabs

Bedrock Counselingmore info‎
575 North Valley Parkway #230
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 906-9112

Addiction Recovery Center‎
650 S Edmonds Ln # 231
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 436-8734

Addiction Recovery Center, Lewisville

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