Laredo Drug Rehabs

Laredo Drug Rehabs

Laredo is the country seat of Webb County, Texas.  It is located on the north bank of the Rio Grande just across from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  The population was 236,091 for the 2010 census.  It is the third most populated on the US-Mexican border.  Laredo’s economy is based on international trade with Mexico.  Laredo’s location along the southern end of I-35 close to the manufacturers in North Mexico promotes its vital role in trade between the US and Mexico.  This situation also encourages drug trafficking so there is a need for Laredo drug rehabs.  The median income for a household in the city was $32,019 and for a family it was $32,577.  About 29.2% of families were below the poverty line.  That spells trouble with drugs.  There is a big problem with drugs in Laredo.

In may, 2012 Laredo Narcotics Division was into a month long investigation when they raided a house where people were selling crack cocaine.  After they got a search warrant and executed it they found 883 hits of crack cocaine.  The officials made statements that this bust is one of the largest bust they’ve made in Laredo.  “This is our largest bust of street level sales someone is selling out of their home crack cocaine.”

Officials are also expressing a concern and they will have to be on the lookout.  Laredo needs drug rehabs.  “We’re not used to seeing crack cocaine here in Laredo, but apparently there’s been an influx in the last few months.”  This drug is being sold neat a school.  Officer Lucky says, “We’re finding harder drugs.  It used to just be marijuana.  Crack cocaine is one of the worst things you can do.”  Get help Find Laredo Drug rehabs.

Whether you need assistance finding a drug addiction rehab, an outpatient clinic, a Laredo drug rehab, a Corpus Christi drug rehab, or one in another Texas city — we’re here to help.

Laredo Drug Rehabs

Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Help‎
g226, 7305 San Dario Avenue
Laredo, TX 78045
(956) 622-7851‎

Christian Alcohol & Drug Rehab Help, Laredo

South Texas Council On Alcohol‎
2359 East Saunders Street
Laredo, TX 78041
(956) 791-6131

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