Killeen Drug Rehabs

Killeen Drug Rehabs

Killeen is a city in Bell County, Texas.  The census way back in 2000 reported the population at 86,911 then in 2010 the census reported the population to be 126,921.  Killeen is directly adjacent to the main cantonment of Ford Hood, because of that its economy heavily depends on the post and the soldiers with their families that are stationed there.  In 2009 there was a gunman that opened fire on people at the Fort Hood military base he had two handguns he killed 13 and wounded 30 others.  The median income for a household in the city is $44,370 and the median income for a family is $36,674.  About 11.2% of families and 16.4% of the population were below the poverty line.  There is a drug problem in Killeen.  Killeen needs drug rehabs.

In June 2012 the Killeen police arrested a 24 year old woman because she actually pretended to be a male dentist when she was trying to get prescriptions painkillers.  She called the Kmart on Fort Hood Street and the pharmacists immediately became suspicious when she identified herself as a male dentist.  The pharmacist then called the dentist she was pretending to be and he stated he did not call in the prescription. When the female picked up the prescription the pharmacist called the police and they detained her.  It seems that she had tried to get the dentist to give her a prescription for hydrocodone and the dentist refused so she left upset and also got the idea to impersonate him.  She was charged with fraud.  That is the kind of things going on in Killeen.  Drugs are an ongoing situation.  Get help finding Killeen drug rehabs.

Whether you need assistance finding drug rehab programs, an outpatient clinic, a Killeen drug rehab, a Temple drug rehab, or one in another Texas city — we’re here to help.

Killeen Drug Rehabs

Texas Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Program
1206 North 2nd Street, Killeen, TX
(877) 818-4673 ‎ ·

Texas Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Program, Killeen

Nicole B. Wallace, LPC
1805 Florence Road #10, Killeen, TX
(254) 526-4673

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