Anabolic Steroids

Yes, wanting to look ripped is one of the things the grownups are doing now and it is being noted that teenagers are really getting into it also. There was a new study done and it was published in the journal “Pediatrics” and it is stating that teenagers are going to extremes. They had researchers that surveyed about 2800 students at 20 different middle and high schools. In their survey they asked about five different behaviors like diet modification, exercise habits, use of protein powders, steroids and other substances. Among the boys that they surveyed it was found that 90% reported exercising more to build muscle. Two thirds changed their eating habits. Nearly 35% used protein powders or shakes and about 6 percent said they used steroids. I really thought that number would have been higher. In this survey there was a large majority of girls that admitted to changing both exercise and eating habits to tone up, with overweight obese girls being more likely to try things like protein powders so they could build muscle and tone up.
As teenagers they go through many changes. Their body is on the way to becoming an adult. Teenagers are becoming more independent at this time and want to make some decision on their own. That is why it is so important to stay in good communication with them. Taking steroids is not necessarily a good idea. Steroids can be abused just like many other drugs. They are drugs no matter what anyone can say about that. Ask your teenagers about their diet and exercise and if you see any troubling patterns developing make sure you get in communication with them.

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